Kimberly Rosen is an event planner who has made a name for herself in the industry. Originally from Michigan, Kimberly attended Central Michigan University where she earned her degree in event planning and hospitality. After interning with a wedding planner in Northern Michigan, Kimberly realized her passion for the wedding industry. She moved to Long Island, NY, where she worked as an event planner at a boutique hotel for three years. Kimberly fell in love with the wedding industry. The job requirements of a good wedding planner starts with an authentic love of creativity and attention to detail. However, her desire to pursue a bigger challenge led her to move to Napa Valley, California.

Kimberly worked for two prestigious event venues in Napa Valley, prior to joining the A Savvy Event team in 2017. As the ASE team’s primary Napa Valley based planner, Kimberly has become one of the top wedding planners in the Wine Country, and her impeccable style and passion for event logistics has made her one of the most respected wedding planners in the business.

Apart from her work, Kimberly is a total “foodie. Having a good understanding of food and wine is a valuable asset when it comes to planning events and one of the many strengths she brings to her events.

When she is not working or exploring the food scene, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Jesus and their dog Archie. Whether they are taking a hike in the beautiful Wine Country hills or simply relaxing at home, Kimberly cherishes the time she gets to spend with her loved ones. Her passion for her work and her personal life shines through in everything she does.